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Lower Your CPA With Direct
Response Performance UGC

Lower Your CPA
With Direct Response Performance UGC

We supply DTC brands and agencies with real performance-focused user generated content.
Automate your creative pipeline and scale your brand faster than ever before.

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Automate your creative pipeline with
our mediatrained content creators

Automate your content with
mediatrained content creators

Let your audience do the talking

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Got any questions?

At Nordic UGC we work in 1-week cycles, so you will get a new batch of content every Friday. Each batch is made based on your feedback or the data that we see in your account, so we continuously iterate based on what we see is working or not working for your account.

Yes, we also offer managing the ads for you on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok – but it doesn’t make sense to discuss this before you have seen our ad creatives in action. In case you don’t have any media buyer/agency managing the ads right now, then we can sometimes make exceptions.

After we have created the “raw” material for the ads, our post-production team edits it so that it fits with all of the major social media platforms.

Good question. Here are two good reasons:

  1. Influencers typically work very slowly since they work with many brands simultaneously. Our creators are directly part of our team and work with us every week. In this way, we ensure that our creatives’ quality is always top-notch.
  1. Managing influencers is very time-consuming. First, you need to find the right influencers for your brand, vet that they are actually good at creating content, and then develop and send the creative brief to them. After you have ensured that they understand what they have to do, you need to wait for their content and then give them feedback on it. Lastly, you have to pay them, one at a time, and fast.

So yes… It is cheaper to work directly with influencers than to work with us, but it also takes up a lot more of your time – and it doesn’t deliver anything close to the results our clients get.